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Josie and Keith | Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano Wedding Photography | The Hills Hotel

Riverside Wedding Photographers

Since the first time meeting Josie and Keith through video chat, I knew they were totally awesome and we’d get along well! We just clicked. They have the perfect balance of calm, humor, and quirkiness that I totally adore. They are the kind of couple that you just know you can be friends with, even after the big day. Their sweetness and genuine love for the people around them is inspiring.

So, their wedding was nothing short of the perfect reflection of who they are and their values. The day was lighthearted, yet emotional, and filled with beautiful words, jitters, hugs and laughter, and lots of fun and dancing!

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Christine and Asim Wedding | The Estate on Second

I could photograph Christine and Asim’s wedding ten times over! THEY made the day fun, and personalized all aspects of their wedding possible to make it unique. They married in Cypress at the St. Irenaeus Church and celebrated with guests at the Estate on Second in Santa Ana. From their backyard decor setup of the tea ceremony and mehndi to the many DIY touches of their reception party favors and decor, you can tell every detail was made with love and thoughtfulness.

Gay Marriage Wedding Photography

The Best Stories in Life | Orange County Civil Ceremony

The best stories in life are the ones driven by love. Some say the power of love is extraordinary, that love is magical, and many of us have heard incredible stories about what humans can do in the name of love. The love of a mother, spouse, and child. And all of these stories have a beginning and often times when we look closely enough, the act of love is present everyday in our lives.

Chinese Cultural Tea Ceremony Within a Western Wedding

This was a cultural wedding celebration with a tea ceremony in Orange County. But this is not just any tea ceremony. It is a story about how Julie and Jack built a solid foundation for their lifelong love. And their cultural tea ceremony is their way to honor their parents and their traditions. Julie and Jack met through mutual friends and were friends for the first four years. Jack was a ladies man, so Julie was told, hence she tried...

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Mission San Juan Wedding Photography (15)

Vanessa & Jon |wedding book design

What I loved about this wedding: 1. Vanessa and Jon put so much personal touch and thoughtfulness into their wedding details. To start off, the theme of their wedding was journey. Life's journey has taken them to this destination of their wedding day and they wanted to share their journey of life together and with their closest family and friends. Their table center pieces were made from wine bottles with labels of each "destination" of their lives separately and together. They're...

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Vanessa & Jon | love is a journey | Engagement Session

Interested in an engagement session at the Mission San Juan Capistrano? It's a great location to capture a variety of textures, colors, and structures to make your engagement photos one-of-a-kind! There are many fun little spots at the Mission that can create different looks without you having to go to multiple locations during your shoot which allows you to save time and truly enjoy your session. :)...

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Jackie in Old Town Pasadena | portrait photography

Jackie and I worked on this shoot a few years back. Since I started up this new blog, I wanted to reblog some of my favorite shoots from the past- JACKIE. Jackie is a natural in front of the camera, although she would claim that she doesn't know what she's doing. But let the photos speak for themselves! She has this cheerfulness and look of innocence to her, yet very elegant at the same time. Thanks, Jackie, for such a...

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