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What It Really Means To Be a Second Shooter

wedding photographer long beach

Have you ever been asked to second shoot for another photographer? Or have you come across a post on FB for referrals? Have you ever thought about what that really means?

Photographers often believe that what they have to offer exceeds the monetary cost of the service. And, without a doubt, I am one of those photographers. I truly believe in the priceless value of quality images. It is our human way of cementing life and time, two things that we inevitably can’t ever get back.

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Lifestyle Portrait Photography | Anaheim, Ca

Rachelle is a passion coach in Southern California. Her passion in helping people lead a fulfilling and driven life is what motivated her to this photo shoot. She wanted her photos to capture her true self, as you can only truly inspire and lead others when you're being absolutely genuine. This was very important to her personal branding. Below are the images we captured. Can you feel her enthusiasm about her life and career? :) Check out our behind the scenes...

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Boudoir | behind-the-scenes video

I worked on a project with Onyx Cinema back in December 2012. Our vision was to really create something sexy, feminine, that will not only test out the dynamic range and the overall capability of the RED Scarlet-X, but to capture some beautiful stills as well. So we thought, why not a boudoir shoot?! WHY NOT a boudoir shoot!?