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Lisa and Melvin | Wedding at Serendipity Gardens |Yucaipa

When they first started dating, Lisa and Melvin were at a restaurant and Lisa had a piece of rice in her hair. Melvin quietly removed it, and Lisa says that’s when she knew he was the one. Loving and caring and always putting the other person first, Lisa and Melvin were meant to be together from the moment the rice was pulled from Lisa’s hair.We captured their day in both photography and videography, and we gave them our all. The beautiful...

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Chinese Cultural Tea Ceremony Within a Western Wedding

This was a cultural wedding celebration with a tea ceremony in Orange County. But this is not just any tea ceremony. It is a story about how Julie and Jack built a solid foundation for their lifelong love. And their cultural tea ceremony is their way to honor their parents and their traditions. Julie and Jack met through mutual friends and were friends for the first four years. Jack was a ladies man, so Julie was told, hence she tried...

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Mission San Juan Wedding Photography (15)

Vanessa & Jon |wedding book design

What I loved about this wedding: 1. Vanessa and Jon put so much personal touch and thoughtfulness into their wedding details. To start off, the theme of their wedding was journey. Life's journey has taken them to this destination of their wedding day and they wanted to share their journey of life together and with their closest family and friends. Their table center pieces were made from wine bottles with labels of each "destination" of their lives separately and together. They're...

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Ashleigh & Peter | wedding book design

What I loved about this wedding: 1. Ashleigh and Peter exchanged cards and read them while the other was next to them… but they couldn't see each other. Ashleigh's card brought tears to Peter with words that not only defined the hard ships they've overcome together but also the bright future that she can't wait to share with him! 2. The choreographed first dance was so awesome! Both Ashleigh and Peter had moves that you wouldn't imagine :) 3. Ashleigh and Peter are...

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los ángeles wedding photography

A + R | love in los angeles | guestbook style design

Arlene and Rick are one of the cutest couples! They're both extremely down to earth and their love for each other is so apparent in their every glance!What I love about this wedding: 1. Arlene and Rick were expecting. They had their bakery communicate with the coordinator to get the sex of the baby in an envelope. Arlene and Rick never opened the envelope. They wanted to find out the gender of their baby amongst all their closest friends and family...

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Candace & Arvin: Ceremony at Holy Family Artesia Church

It's good to be back in blogging! It's been such a long long time since my last post. So, I'm actually super excited about today's post! I don't think I would have pushed myself to blog if it weren't for this. One of the reasons why I'm so excited is because it reminded me how I fell in love with photography. I loved the story-telling aspect of it. I love how I'm able to capture emotions and love without having...

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Pasadena_Wedding_Photography (30)

Coco & Jason | pasadena wedding photography

Another great wedding with Kalen from Coco and Jason were so amazing to work with. Their love for each other and joy is so contagious that at moments I got teary eyes with them. Both the ceremony and reception were held at a quaint restaurant, Firefly, in Pasadena. The details were very personalized and everything just came together beautifully. Enjoy their wedding day photos! Share your thoughts in the comments sections. I love reading them :)I love this photo!...

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Wedding_Photography (30)

Frances & Terry | a wedding

Meet Frances and Terry! I had the honor to second shoot this wedding with PhotoKronology at Pacific Palms. They're a sweet couple. Despite the pouring rain on their wedding day, Frances and Terry continued on with joy and gratitude among many family members and friends. Once the groom successfully answers all the questions and performs the tasks, the bride is then walked down by either a female in her family whom had a successful marriage so she may pass her blessing...

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Fitness: Pilates

A couple years back, I did a portrait session with Greg Gordon, a songwriter and music composer. One of his pilates friend came over during the end of our portrait session and we took a couple shots of the men showing off their quite amazing postures. They sure do make it look easy!...

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