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Wedding Tips and Advice Series

When it comes to the big day, there are a lot of things that we wish we knew about before the whole planning process. The small little advice we wish we were told in the beginning to make the whole process more smooth and the words of encouragement to remind us of what we’re doing. Working a lot of wedding shoots I always like to ask my clients about their whole process when it came to planning the big day...

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Mission Inn Riverside Wedding Photography | Ivana and Amar

Ivana and Amar married at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Their special day was the perfect reflection of their unique cultures and values! Along with the Western ceremony, they also honored Amar’s family with a Mandap ceremony. What made their celebration even more festive was the inclusion of Ivana’s Chinese background with a lion dance and tea ceremony. Tea ceremony is the traditional ceremony for marriage. The day was so filled with events, culture and love. It was perfection!

Pasadena City Hall

Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Pasadena City Hall

What does it look like when you meet the love of your life as young as 16 years old?

When we’re young, we follow our hearts more than our minds and for so many of us, those experiences just become our memories and not our future. But for the rare few, the love they find in as early as high school become their life partners. The person they stay in to eat take-out with, watch movies in their pjs with, and be so comfortable to be their true selves over and over again as they grow and mature into the people they are today. This is Judy and Jason.

Riverside Wedding Photographers

Josie and Keith | Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano Wedding Photography | The Hills Hotel

Since the first time meeting Josie and Keith through video chat, I knew they were totally awesome and we’d get along well! We just clicked. They have the perfect balance of calm, humor, and quirkiness that I totally adore. They are the kind of couple that you just know you can be friends with, even after the big day. Their sweetness and genuine love for the people around them is inspiring.

So, their wedding was nothing short of the perfect reflection of who they are and their values. The day was lighthearted, yet emotional, and filled with beautiful words, jitters, hugs and laughter, and lots of fun and dancing!

Orange County Wedding Venues

Christine and Asim Wedding | The Estate on Second

I could photograph Christine and Asim’s wedding ten times over! THEY made the day fun, and personalized all aspects of their wedding possible to make it unique. They married in Cypress at the St. Irenaeus Church and celebrated with guests at the Estate on Second in Santa Ana. From their backyard decor setup of the tea ceremony and mehndi to the many DIY touches of their reception party favors and decor, you can tell every detail was made with love and thoughtfulness.

wedding photographer in los angeles

Wedding Lunch Reception at the Beverly Hills Lawry’s

I absolutely love when couples make their wedding celebration into their own. They don’t follow any traditions just because they’re traditions but rather find what works for them and totally own it! To me, this is what makes each wedding different and unique. I love how Jasmine and William created a day that reflects who they are as a couple- down-to-earth, all about loved ones (and their dog, Casper!), with delicious food!

wedding photographer long beach

Queen Mary Wedding Photography | Vintage Art Deco Inspired Wedding

Did you know that Queen Mary is available for weddings? This historic and elegant venue offers nothing short of an extraordinary experience for couples and their guests. Ever since Queen Mary arrived in Long Beach, California, on December 9, 1967, she has never left again. This beauty is a worthwhile attraction if you ever get a chance to visit her in Southern California. For the lucky few, the next chapter of your lives may very well start here :)

Santa Monica Wedding Photography

Reception at Shutters on the Beach | Wedding Photography

I love weddings that have beautiful simple details and centers attention on what matters most- love and relationships. This beautiful wedding reception at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica was just that. Caroline and Ted included details that gave their guests an intimate celebration. The most important part of the day to them was to laugh and make memories with the people they love most.

Monterey Wedding Photography

Nicklaus Club in Monterey, Ca | Wedding Photography

Nicklaus Club in Monterey, Ca is a romantic, charming, and elegant venue and is perfect for weddings! The old Spanish club offers a variety of different spaces for our lovely couple to plan out exactly what they wanted. Five different areas of the club was used for the following: 1) The spacious and beautifully furnished bridal suite 2) the rustic open landscape with the signature tree for the ceremony

A “meow” Celebration in Los Angeles | Wedding Photography

This beautiful wedding was at Almansor Court in Alhambra, Ca. The day was filled with fun and laughter from the wedding party! Every wedding is special when you know about the quirks of each couple. Matt and Kat are unique in that they’ve never fought and they share a secret language in “meow”. Matt and Kat met in Little Tokyo at a karaoke bar. When Matt asked Kat to sing, “A Whole New World,” together, little did they know they would start a whole new life together.

Westin Long Beach | Wedding Photography

This beautiful wedding in Long Beach, Ca was filled with DIYs, cultural events, laughter and lots of love! Their same day edit film was created by Alumiq Productions and can be enjoyed here.

Every couple has a story. These are the stories that MAKE the relationship. We, as vendors, often don’t know everything about our couples, as it would be impossible for anyone to know everything.

Gay Marriage Wedding Photography

The Best Stories in Life | Orange County Civil Ceremony

The best stories in life are the ones driven by love. Some say the power of love is extraordinary, that love is magical, and many of us have heard incredible stories about what humans can do in the name of love. The love of a mother, spouse, and child. And all of these stories have a beginning and often times when we look closely enough, the act of love is present everyday in our lives.

Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Calamigos Ranch Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding Photography

This beautiful wedding at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu couldn’t have been more romantic. Rain had nothing on our sweet couple. In fact, Kyle’s best man described it best in their wedding film, here.

Not only do we share similar interests with our couple, such as Disneyland and Netflix, but Michael and I both find that we have also taken on each other’s mannerisms like Cheryln and Kyle has. Well, Michael may have taken on a bit more of my mannerisms than otherwise ;)