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Utilizing the light in your photography

Working with your surrounding Photography is an expensive hobby to pick up. Cameras alone cause a few hundred bucks while the lens can reach the thousands. When people finally get over this financial hurdle through their purchase or second-hand purchase they get a sigh of relief. But then we realize, as photographers, to hone our skills and adapt to any situation we need to buy certain equipment to get the pictures that we want. Well, I want to remind people that...

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There’s “Golden Hour” but have you heard of “Blue Hour”?

In many outdoor situations, I find myself working with harsh lighting; as the case is with most of my wedding shoots. The sun is often time harshest around noon. This is due to where the sun rises and sets! However, when we catch the sun at the right time we can get some cool effects. Most people know that if you take photos before sunset you can capture “Golden Hour” to get that gold crisp look on your subject. However,...

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How To Use Your Engagement Photos

Engagements are one of my favorite sessions to photograph. It’s probably one of the very few, if not the first time, the couple has gotten their photos taken professionally. The jitters, the glow, the love shared between the couple at this very moment is unique and marks the beginning of many more in the future. Now, as I talk about all the great feels couples share I’m not dismissing the possible difficulties and struggles couples ALSO experience during this time. An engagement session is a great way to bring the couple together again and remind them what truly matters in all of this- each other.

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before You Hire

“Find a company that does what you want well rather than requesting another company to replicate their style. Experience cannot be replicated overnight.” ~GYP

I filmed weddings early in my career as a photographer. Since the early 2000’s, DSLRs have redefined what wedding videos are. The days of 1-2 hour long wedding films are long gone. Now, you will actually want to watch your wedding film more than once… and so will many others! With the popular wedding short films of 3-8 minutes, you can easily share and re-watch your day over and over. The best part of it all is the cinematic experience that wasn’t as accessible before!

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Top 5 Reasons: Photo & Video on Your Big Day!

So this post is probably more about whether you should hire a videographer. Most couples understand why they hire photographers, but are on the fence about video. Wedding films are easily dismissed by couples with their wedding budget. But before the cost makes that decision for you, we hope that you take the time to evaluate your values in life.

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Is a First Look Worth It??

What is a first look, you ask? Well, I’m so glad you did. A first look has become a popular event at weddings. It is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding attire, usually in a private and intimate setting.  There are many reasons why most couples choose to do this. Here are couples’ top 4 reasons for choosing to do a first look on their wedding day!


What are “Mommy & Me” Portraits | Session Tips and Ideas

The bond between mothers and their children is like no other. Theodore Reik described it best, “The relationship of mother and child remains indelible and indescribable… the strongest bond on earth.” This is why Mommy and Me sessions are becoming more and more popular. Here’s our fun breakdown of the 5 “W” for mommy and me portraits :) We hope you find them helpful and fun!