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Wedding Tips and Advice Series

When it comes to the big day, there are a lot of things that we wish we knew about before the whole planning process. The small little advice we wish we were told in the beginning to make the whole process more smooth and the words of encouragement to remind us of what we’re doing. Working a lot of wedding shoots I always like to ask my clients about their whole process when it came to planning the big day...

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The Step-by-Step of your “Outfit of the Day”

As a wedding photographer, I'm always at special events capturing a couple's magical moments. On the side, I'm a family and portrait photographer, where the type of work ranges from baby showers to family to individuals. These types of engagements typically consist of clients who have little to no modeling experience. They don't quite know what to wear coming into a shoot. Unlike a wedding, there is no exact dress code for them to follow. To help answer their questions,...

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Utilizing the light in your photography

Working with your surrounding Photography is an expensive hobby to pick up. Cameras alone cause a few hundred bucks while the lens can reach the thousands. When people finally get over this financial hurdle through their purchase or second-hand purchase they get a sigh of relief. But then we realize, as photographers, to hone our skills and adapt to any situation we need to buy certain equipment to get the pictures that we want. Well, I want to remind people that...

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There’s “Golden Hour” but have you heard of “Blue Hour”?

In many outdoor situations, I find myself working with harsh lighting; as the case is with most of my wedding shoots. The sun is often time harshest around noon. This is due to where the sun rises and sets! However, when we catch the sun at the right time we can get some cool effects. Most people know that if you take photos before sunset you can capture “Golden Hour” to get that gold crisp look on your subject. However,...

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Mission Inn Riverside Wedding Photography | Ivana and Amar

Ivana and Amar married at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Their special day was the perfect reflection of their unique cultures and values! Along with the Western ceremony, they also honored Amar’s family with a Mandap ceremony. What made their celebration even more festive was the inclusion of Ivana’s Chinese background with a lion dance and tea ceremony. Tea ceremony is the traditional ceremony for marriage. The day was so filled with events, culture and love. It was perfection!

Pasadena City Hall

Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Pasadena City Hall

What does it look like when you meet the love of your life as young as 16 years old?

When we’re young, we follow our hearts more than our minds and for so many of us, those experiences just become our memories and not our future. But for the rare few, the love they find in as early as high school become their life partners. The person they stay in to eat take-out with, watch movies in their pjs with, and be so comfortable to be their true selves over and over again as they grow and mature into the people they are today. This is Judy and Jason.

Riverside Wedding Photographers

Josie and Keith | Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano Wedding Photography | The Hills Hotel

Since the first time meeting Josie and Keith through video chat, I knew they were totally awesome and we’d get along well! We just clicked. They have the perfect balance of calm, humor, and quirkiness that I totally adore. They are the kind of couple that you just know you can be friends with, even after the big day. Their sweetness and genuine love for the people around them is inspiring.

So, their wedding was nothing short of the perfect reflection of who they are and their values. The day was lighthearted, yet emotional, and filled with beautiful words, jitters, hugs and laughter, and lots of fun and dancing!

Rancho Las Lomas

Rancho Las Lomas Fairy Themed Bridal Shower

‘Tis the season to plan your best friend’s bridal shower! We hope this beautiful shower brings you some inspiration! See the DIY floral mason jars with twinkling fairies inside, simple floral centerpieces, homemade desserts and cupcakes, and all the attention to details below. It was the perfect balance between sweet thoughtfulness and luxury catering and services.

Orange County Wedding Venues

Christine and Asim Wedding | The Estate on Second

I could photograph Christine and Asim’s wedding ten times over! THEY made the day fun, and personalized all aspects of their wedding possible to make it unique. They married in Cypress at the St. Irenaeus Church and celebrated with guests at the Estate on Second in Santa Ana. From their backyard decor setup of the tea ceremony and mehndi to the many DIY touches of their reception party favors and decor, you can tell every detail was made with love and thoughtfulness.

Pre-Wedding Engagement Session in Orange County

Here is a throwback to one of my favorite engagement sessions! I love the locations, Santa Ana Courthouse and Laguna Beach, the couple chose along with their beautiful wardrobe. I also love the perfect balance between more editorial images and the natural, fun, candid smiles that our work is known for. The best of both worlds. Yaaassss!!!

Just check out the stunning attire and colors that contrast so well with the soft and elegant light at the courthouse and the beach. Hope this gives you some inspiration for your own engagement session. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors, a more formal attire, or even a second wedding dress! It’s all about having fun, going out of your comfort zone, and not be limited to any restrictions of wedding day :)

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Engagement Session at Soka University | Orange County Photography

We cannot wait for Judy and Jason’s big day this weekend!! Here is a throwback to their engagement session at one of the most gorgeous and versatile locations in Orange County. Despite running behind to the session and hitting some unforeseen traffic, they were such troopers and we still had a great session!

Taking engagement photos at campuses are popular amongst couples who met at school. But university campuses are no longer just fitting amongst couples who share the same alma mater. Gorgeous campuses like Soka University are great options for portraits. It has a wide variety of backdrops that would usually have you driving from one location to another. Here are a few aesthetics of the campus that may help you consider this little gem :)

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Wedding Lunch Reception at the Beverly Hills Lawry’s

I absolutely love when couples make their wedding celebration into their own. They don’t follow any traditions just because they’re traditions but rather find what works for them and totally own it! To me, this is what makes each wedding different and unique. I love how Jasmine and William created a day that reflects who they are as a couple- down-to-earth, all about loved ones (and their dog, Casper!), with delicious food!

Downtown Santa Ana and Laguna Beach Engagement Session

Meet Josephine and Keith. Their engagement session started at downtown Santa Ana and ended in Laguna Beach. Downtown Santa Ana is very similar to the popular downtown Fullerton and many other downtown areas in OC. It has a sprinkle of unique textures all over the two block radius we roamed. The rustic alleyways, brick and stone walls, and architecture and romantic fountains, it’s the perfect place for our down-to-earth couple.

How To Use Your Engagement Photos

Engagements are one of my favorite sessions to photograph. It’s probably one of the very few, if not the first time, the couple has gotten their photos taken professionally. The jitters, the glow, the love shared between the couple at this very moment is unique and marks the beginning of many more in the future. Now, as I talk about all the great feels couples share I’m not dismissing the possible difficulties and struggles couples ALSO experience during this time. An engagement session is a great way to bring the couple together again and remind them what truly matters in all of this- each other.

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What It Really Means To Be a Second Shooter

Have you ever been asked to second shoot for another photographer? Or have you come across a post on FB for referrals? Have you ever thought about what that really means?

Photographers often believe that what they have to offer exceeds the monetary cost of the service. And, without a doubt, I am one of those photographers. I truly believe in the priceless value of quality images. It is our human way of cementing life and time, two things that we inevitably can’t ever get back.

Wedding Photographer

Our Signature Wedding Albums

We are so proud of our contemporary and timeless wedding albums sourced from a local Los Angeles printing company. These handcrafted heirlooms are made of the highest materials and printed on Kodak Lustre Paper. There are four material options: leather (bel0w), leatherette, Japanese cloth, and fabric (below).

All materials include a beautiful selections of neutral and vibrant colors to match your wedding images and aesthetics. In addition to choosing the material, there are also four cover style options: foil stamping/embossing (below), recessed photo image (below), metal cover (below), or none.

wedding photo and video

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before You Hire

“Find a company that does what you want well rather than requesting another company to replicate their style. Experience cannot be replicated overnight.” ~GYP

I filmed weddings early in my career as a photographer. Since the early 2000’s, DSLRs have redefined what wedding videos are. The days of 1-2 hour long wedding films are long gone. Now, you will actually want to watch your wedding film more than once… and so will many others! With the popular wedding short films of 3-8 minutes, you can easily share and re-watch your day over and over. The best part of it all is the cinematic experience that wasn’t as accessible before!

engagement photos

Lacy Park and Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement Session

This engagement session was taken around Los Angeles at Lacy Park, Walt Disney Concert Hall and LACMA. It was another special one to me. Linda and Tom are friends of mine and it’s a little different photographing someone you know personally. Photographers out there, you probably know what I’m talking about. You’re not trying to get to know the couple during the session, because you already know them, and you can read their body language more accurately than perhaps a couple you don’t know well. Most of all, communication is naturally open between you guys so you know exactly that they want.