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Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena City Hall

What does it look like when you meet the love of your life as young as 16 years old?

When we’re young, we follow our hearts more than our minds and for so many of us, those experiences just become our memories and not our future. But for the rare few, the love they find in as early as high school become their life partners. The person they stay in to eat take-out with, watch movies in their pjs with, and be so comfortable to be their true selves over and over again as they grow and mature into the people they are today. This is Judy and Jason. They are the lucky and rare ones who got to start their “forever” within the first couple decades of their lives. May they continue to grow, love, and live in the simple pleasures of life.

Judy and Jason tied the knot in Los Angeles through a traditional Chinese tea ceremony that officially ties the two families together. Their closest family and friends were at their respective homes and witnessed the couple pay their respect to their elders. Congratulations, guys!

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