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How To Use Your Engagement Photos

Engagements are one of my favorite sessions to photograph. It’s probably one of the very few, if not the first time, the couple has gotten their photos taken professionally. The jitters, the glow, the love shared between the couple at this very moment is unique and marks the beginning of many more in the future. Now, as I talk about all the great feels couples share I’m not dismissing the possible difficulties and struggles couples ALSO experience during this time. An engagement session is a great way to bring the couple together again and remind them what truly matters in all of this- each other.

Life throws us curve balls all the time. Let’s remember that the journey is far more precious than the destination. May your engagement be one of the most memorable journeys you embark on as a couple.

If you choose to have an engagement session, here are some ideas of how you can later make your photos into other practical investments.

1. Engagement Announcement or Wedding Save-the-Date
Incorporate messages or banners into your engagement session so that you can later use them for announcements or save-the-dates! Plan ahead with your photographer and you can feed two birds with one scone ;)

2. Wedding Decor
Frame your photos to display around the cocktail hour room and reception as a super easy way to personalize the venue! You can also print a couple large prints (canvas, metal prints, framed prints) to display next to the sign-in table of the reception. A guestbook with your engagement photos is a great way for guests to leave personal messages for you and your husband.

3. Website
Do you have a wedding website for your guests? Make an impression by using gorgeous images as the welcome page or gallery. It’s a sentimental way to tell a visual story of the first day you met all the way to the engagement!

4. Album Collection
If you’re like me and many others, you probably have photo albums of big trips you’ve taken, family reunions, and all major milestones in life. Then, your engagement is probably a no-brainer addition to the photo album collection you’ve created. This is probably the number one reason why I love photography! I love documenting special occasions and have images to share along with the stories :) See sample album below.

5. Custom Gifts for Parents and/or Grandparents
So now we’re thinking ahead! These professional images make for great holiday, mother’s day, father’s day, and birthday gifts! Customize or DIY a gift that you know your parents or grandparents will adore! You can even create a wall collage along with other photos for them. Best gift idea ever!

6. Future Custom Gifts for Your Partner
You can do the exact same thing for your fiancé aka best friend! If a birthday or holiday is coming up, what a great way to DIY or customize a gift for him/her using images you both love! Two years later, I am still using our engagement photos for different purposes. When it comes to practicality, engagement photos are definitely much more versatile than your wedding photos.

7. Makeup & Hair Trial
Lastly, this is a great opportunity to do your wedding day makeup and hair trial. Sure, you can get it done and go on a date with your fiancĂ©. You truly don’t need any other reason to look even more beautiful. BUT what if you CAN get more out of your trial makeup and hair? You will also get to see the results of the trial in photos, which can sometimes appear different from in person. It’s definitely a smart investment!

Got any other ideas for engagement photos? Please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!

Thank you so much for reading!

Engagement Albums

Engagement Albums

Engagement Albums

Engagement Albums

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