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Top 5 Reasons: Photo & Video on Your Big Day!

wedding photo and video

So this post is probably more about whether you should hire a videographer. Most couples understand why they hire photographers, but are on the fence about video. Wedding films are easily dismissed by couples with their wedding budget. But before the cost makes that decision for you, we hope that you take the time to evaluate your values in life. The list below will provide some insight on what the best decision is for you and your partner, and not your mom, neighbor, or the clerk at the grocery store. To help you make a well-informed financial and time investment, we have listed our top 5 reasons and values (differences) of both photography and videography. If any of it resonates with your core values, it’s worth looking into this investment.

Or… if you just want to know the differences between the two realms, keep reading :)


Remembering the Words. 

This is pretty simple. You get spoken words with film. This includes your vows, speeches, sweet exchanges, laughs with the wedding party, tears of joy with the family, words of wisdom from your officiant, thoughts, past stories, advice, and more. The day goes by so fast that you won’t remember everything that was said. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to. When you hire a videography team, they plan their shots carefully so that you can relive the moments along with words. This is truly priceless. No photo can do this. And not even your smart phone can do it justice.

Tip: Make sure to ask your videographer if/how/when audio is recorded and edited into the film. Do not assume anything. Be sure to educate yourself by asking questions! Click here for questions to ask videographers.

Sequence of Events

Instead of one snapshot of a moment, video is able to cover the beginning, middle, and end of the important events without missing a beat. What does that mean to you? You get to relive special moments, well yes, of course you do. AND you get to teleport back in time and relive moments and experiences from other people’s perspective. Although photos can capture the essence of everything that happens, video will be able to visually tell the whole story. In this case, you really won’t know what you’d be missing until you experience the entire day in 360° with enhanced audio.

Tip: Share the names of people who are special to you. On your wedding day, your videographers can capture moments of your loved ones that will make you smile. If you don’t share what or who is important to you, they will not know and it will most likely be missed through no fault of their own. Don’t be afraid to over communicate. After all, you’re the one who lived 20, 30, 40 years with these lovely people. Your vendors could use your insights :)

wedding videosMemory Carved in Motion


Long after your wedding day. Long after growing your family and celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and memorials, life can become a big blur. Your memories will fade but no doubt you will continue to share your stories. Stories about family, friendship, and about your wedding day. Imagine sharing your stories along with a motion film. Your family, friends, children and grandchildren will gain a better perspective of who you were on your wedding day, and the immense love that you had for each other and still do. Imagine setting an example of what love is and sharing the stories behind the film. When we make certain investments in life, we need to think about the long term effects, which could mean decades from now. You are not wasting money when you put it towards a thoughtful investment because it will only increase in value over time.

Same Day Experience

What does this mean? You can actually have your wedding film premiered at the dinner reception of your wedding day. The same day edit film is a fun way to recall all that had just happened in the day and a special treat for your guests. It makes them feel like they were there with you from the very start of the day. As a wedding guest, you may remember only having a few minutes with the bride and groom. So for many, they can appreciate a same day edit to celebrate in your marriage! What a treat!

Tip: Research, research, research!! Weddings can be fast paced and hectic behind the scenes, so make sure your video team specializes in handling that extra level of pressure of delivering your film by reception.

Starring in Your Own Movie

Enough said :)

Georgia Yeh Photography


So let’s talk about all the pros and differences of photos. Here are some simple things that most people already know but are also fun reminders.

The Everyday Encounter

Display your favorite images around your home. This is something you get to enjoy and see every single day without having to turn on the computer, go on your phone or FaceBook, or have to click play. The good ol’ fashion prints are awesome! A glance at your wedding photo as you’re getting ready for the day or making a meal can bring joy and a smile to your face. There isn’t a more effortless way to enjoy the photos. 

Tip: Your photographer can help you plan images of your engagement and wedding day so that it will fit perfectly inside your home. Discuss what you want from the images and create a wardrobe color palette that will match the rooms in your home. Photographers have access to professional printing quality that surpasses consumer quality printing shops. For your most precious images, definitely go through your photographer. Plus, they will ensure the quality of the prints for you or reprint them at no cost to you.


One of the best things about albums and prints is how the experience is independent from technology. There is no hassle to go through digital files (unless that is what you prefer), or have to teach grandma how to access the online gallery or use the tablet. What does this mean to you? Your wedding photos are future proof. You don’t have to worry about corrupt files, failed hard drives, dated cable connections, or how technology will advance over the years. Your wedding album and framed prints will stay nicely on your coffee table in your home now and 5o years from now.

Tip: Not all photographers offer wedding albums. Make sure to chat with your photographer about what they offer and the options available. Sometimes, we get second chances in life but there is definitely no do-over on your wedding day :) Make sure you hire a professional you feel 110% confident in and offers everything you need.

wedding photographersMulti-Purpose Use

Wedding images are great for Thank You cards or gifts. Use your favorite image on a custom Thank You card and/or include a couple prints of you and the guest at your wedding. People love personalized gifts!

Out of This World

With many shooting techniques and editing styles, your wedding image can truly look like one of a kind. Photographers are able to enhance the image to look like beyond this world. We bet you wouldn’t believe that it was even taken at that location. These types of highly processed effects are usually in photos, not videos, which makes them the perfect complement to your wedding film.

Tip: There are different styles in wedding photography. If your photographer has a photojournalistic approach to weddings, then you can expect beautiful candid, documentary images. Dramatic and HDR images may not be what they do. Be sure to learn about the different styles of photography, see which style you gravitate towards, and make sure you choose your photographer accordingly. Stay away from photographers who can “change their style” based on your request. You want to hire a professional for what they do best, not a professional who tries to do what they don’t do.

Split Seconds

Photos capture split seconds of life that are overlooked in video. These millisecond captures are truly worth a thousand words. Imagine the freeze frame of you and your love laughing the nerves away, your first kiss as a married couple, a picture-perfect portrait of you two glowing with excitement and love, and the sparkles in your eyes during the first dance. These are all moments that are priceless and cannot be reenacted. The best part is you get to keep them forever…. long after it has already happened.

wedding photographer long beach

We hope these differences and tips help you better understand what suits your needs and wants. Since our first rodeo, we’ve worked with videographers of all backgrounds, styles, personalities, and we would be happy to share our list of trusted professionals who hold the same level of integrity as us. Just send us a quick email at [email protected]

Have a beautiful day. May love be with you :)

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