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Is a First Look Worth It??

wedding day first look

What is a first look, you ask? Well, I’m so glad you did. A first look has become a popular event at weddings. It is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding attire, usually in a private and intimate setting.  There are many reasons why most couples choose to do this. Here are couples’ top 4 reasons for choosing to do a first look on their wedding day!Other fun variations of a first look include a “no-peeking session”, first look with dad, and/or first look with children. Talk with your photographer to learn more about each and see which fits you best.

1. You get 40% more portraits. This starts the moment you see each other. Because the day has started early with you two being together, the wedding party portraits and your couple romantics can also happen, all before the ceremony!

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2. You get to be together and alone! This will be the only time in the day where you get to take in all the feelings of the day, alone. There won’t be any family members there to try to get a photo with you, no DJ or coordinator checking in on the time, no rush to have to be anywhere. Just you and your love. Your partner gets to tell you how beautiful you look and speak and embrace you freely. S/he doesnt have to wait until after the ceremony to do so, which would give a different reaction.

3. It calms the nerves. It’s a big day, with so much to experience, so many beautiful faces to see, and so much to remember. You get to start the day right with the person you love most and without distractions. A first look also gives you a private moment to exchange words or vows, hugs, and backrubs, all without an audience or “too much attention”. Once you see each other, some of the nerves will just melt away!

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4. Extends your day by 3 hours. Wow! You get so much more by just scheduling a 5 minute first look into your day. All the wedding party portraits and romantics can be taken cared of before the ceremony. This is also a great option if you want to join your guests at the cocktail hour, and you won’t even miss the portraits because they would already be done.los angeles wedding photography

At the end of it all and everyone’s suggestions, this is YOUR day. You should do what feels right and what is most important to you. Believe that it will all work out perfectly and even better than you imagined because you have the best life partner to share it with.

Congratulations to you!

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