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What are “Mommy & Me” Portraits | Session Tips and Ideas


The bond between mothers and their children is like no other. Theodore Reik described it best, “The relationship of mother and child remains indelible and indescribable… the strongest bond on earth.” This is why Mommy and Me sessions are becoming more and more popular. Here’s our fun breakdown of the 5 “W” for mommy and me portraits :) We hope you find them helpful and fun!

For all mothers and children of ALL ages. For an extra meaningful session, invite all three generations.
What (to include): Suggestions include games, food, books, play, nap time, nursery, activities, or heirloom jewelry. Items and props are optional. Theme inspirations include favorite movies, favorite fictional characters, favorite stories, favorite sports team, favorite fashion style, or meaningful locations.
Where: There are three main locations for your portraits. You can have your session at an outdoor location, in a studio, or at home. Discuss with your photographer to see which location best fits your vision. Here are some location examples.
Consider the beach, regional parks, in nature, picnics, and your own backyard. Locations with simple backgrounds are great for these sessions. The focal point of the images will be on you and your loved ones and much of the background will be in a beautiful blur!
You can use the photographer’s studio or a blank neutral wall in your home and natural light to create the same studio effect. Be sure to chat with your photographer to see what the options are and best fits your needs. 
Sessions at home are intimate and beautiful. It’s great to capture the simple pleasures of life like nap time, nursing, playing, reading, eating, hanging out/lifestyle photos. Your home will allow for the most intimate moments.

When: This session is popular for Mom’s birthday, a child’s birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation/before college, and life milestones.
To capture the one-of-a-kind bond you share :) It is one of the best investments to have as children grow up and mothers grow older.

Embrace every stage of life. 


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