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Love In Manhattan Beach | At-Home Lifestyle Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are really fun! And not only because you get pretty photos at the end of it all :) But the whole experience is unique to you. I remember when my husband and I took our engagement photos, it almost didn’t even matter where we were or what poses we were doing. All I could think about was that we’re getting married and these photos are documenting this very special time of our lives. I knew we were going to love the photos because our photographer is not only experienced, but I’ve been following his work for years. I knew we could trust him to capture who we are as a couple as well as individually.

This experience furthered what engagement photography means to me. It is a day where you get to have fun, realize how short this engagement period will be and the excitement that lies ahead, celebrate the journey that has brought us to that photo session, and completely trust and have fun with the photographer. This made the session so easy and memorable for us. And this is the experience I want to create for all my couples.

Tiffany and Eric’s embodied the same energy I felt during my own engagement session. It was fun, relaxed, and a reflection of who they are as a couple. I encourage couples to be them, which really means to be different. Dare to have a session at home inspired by your lifestyle. Incorporate meaningful elements in the session even if it’s only specific to one person in the relationship. Whatever makes the individual, makes the couple. :) I hope you enjoy their engagement photos below.

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