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Tips on Finding “The One” Make-Up Artist | Exclusive Interview

The overwhelming number of options for makeup artists can make it harder for a bride to feel confident in choosing the right one. In fact, how do you know if you’re even choosing the right one?! Today, we chat with Manning and Monica from Studio mm&b as they share some great tips for you as you begin your research. Their years of experience in the wedding industry will sure help you will feel 100% confident in your decision!

*Photos below are not by Georgia Yeh Photography and were used by the permission of Studio mm&b. All photographers are credited.

Finding the right makeup artist can be a long process. Brides probably have a list of questions including, “Where do I start? What do I look for? How do I know who is the best fit for me?” Makeup can be harder to “see” than flowers or decorations, for example. What are your tips on getting started on finding a make-up artist for the big day?

Thank you so much for having us on your blog talking about this subject dear and near to our hearts.

We believe makeup and hair is a very important element on your big day! You spent all the time and effort to plan a wedding of your dream. The last thing you want is wearing a look you are not comfortable with, and later disappointed in the wedding pictures for the years to come.

We would like to share some tips on finding “ the one”:View More:

    • Do Your Research Early:  You can always start with your friends. Since you have attended their weddings or seen their picture on social media, you get to see the makeup and hair in person and also know if the look enhances their beauty.  Another great way is to search through the reputable online blogs and platforms where pictures and reviews are shared by reviewers. You want to stay away from any unknown and unreliable sources such as craigslist.


    • Look For “ Real People in Real Settings”: It is easy for makeup artist to make the model look pretty in a controlled environment such as in a styled photoshoot. However, no all of us are model and the actual wedding day can be hectic. When looking through someone’s portfolio, you want to look for the makeup and hair in natural lighting as this will be the most accurate to the makeup and hair look in person. We also understand the Youtube and Instagram are taking over the world by storm. But keep in mind many filming and photography are taken under strong studio lighting which diffuses the intensity of makeup. Those looks can be very differently in person.Dustin Cole for studio mm&b
    • Experience Does Matter:  We have seen many cases where brides hire their “makeup lover friend” for their big day and it can turn out to be disastrous. Someone who is good at their own makeup does not make them an expert for makeup. Professional makeup and hair stylists go through trainings and get to work on different faces and hairs. A lot of skills can only be acquired with experiences only.  You definitely want to find someone has a lot of experience working in weddings, your particular skin tone and facial features.


    • Ask Questions/ Communication:  Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions! Some key questions to ask your makeup artists includes 1) the products used for clients 2) years of experiences and 3) the flow of the day. By asking questions you can get to know the stylist’s personality and responsiveness. You want someone make you at ease and make the whole session fun. Ultimately, you are spending a good 3-4 hours with this person in your face (literally!). You also want someone who is very responsive. If you need to keep following up to get your questions answered this person may also need reminder to show up on your wedding day.


    • Individuality:  Everyone has different skin, features and styles. When looking for stylists, you want someone who respects your vision and can create a look just for you rather than doing the same look for everyone. You can tell by if they are asking questions about you, if they are interested in your gown, style, basically everything about you!


  • Do the Trial Run: The best way to know if it works is by trying it. Most of the stylists provide trial services where you get to meet the stylists and try on the look in person.  A trial is great for the stylist and bride to bond, communicate, and get the stylist to familiarize with your features. Last thing you want is surprises on the wedding day.Stephanie Williams for Studio mm&b

Why is it important to consider the cost of a makeup artist? What does the cost imply for the service? (ie. products, experience, etc.)

Don’t be skimp on makeup and hair! We believe you truly get what you pay for.  You could find someone who could do your makeup for $50, but the likelihood of getting someone who is reliable and who does great work will be extremely low.  The price of makeup and hair is hard to be measured by one single element. It is the overall value of the investment of the products, years of experiences, organization, artistry and interpersonal skills.

We’ve all heard that heavier or darker make up will show up better in photos. Brides usually wear makeup for the camera than for real life. Is it possible to have the make up look the same in real life as it does in photos? If so, what can brides look for in the makeup artists’ work that will show this technique?

You do need a bit more makeup for photography however, it does not mean you need to wear a cake-on foundation and full-on smoky eyes! With the right technique, the makeup can look good both in picture and in person. We especially love air-brushed foundation as it is very lightweight so we could create the skin alike finish with great coverage.  You can tell by the softness of the makeup in the pictures. Another way to see the pictures is in motion. So, look for the brides in their wedding videos.

What are your tips to help bride-to-be’s skin and makeup look her best on the big day? 

View More: care is the key! A good canvas is the foundation of good makeup. We always emphasize the 4 steps to our brides: Cleanse, exfoliate, target treatment (serum) and moisturizer.  We recommend facial treatment focus hydrating a week before the event to get your skin to its best condition.

For hair, we recommend the brides to properly color, trim and condition before the big day to ensure the best result.

And, as hard as it is, try to sleep for at least 8 hours the night before your big day! This is the most important time to get your beauty sleep!

When family and friends asks you for advice on finding the right makeup artist for them, what are your top 3 recommendations?

1. Do Your Homework: Research as many makeup artists as possible and compare their work. The more you see, the more you are better at distinguishing the good from the bad.


2. Understand Yourself and Look for Real Inspiration: We often have brides who don’t normally wear makeup and come in with Kim K’s makeup picture as inspiration. Look for the inspiration pictures that are similar to your features, skin tone, hair color and personal style. This way the stylist can re-create the look at its best!


3. Communication: Communicating with stylists is key. You can not expect some one who don’t know you to read your mind. Show the stylists your inspiration pictures, express your concerns for your skin and hair and hear their suggestions. The better you can communicate with your stylist, the better she/he can achieve your dream look.


Learn more about Manning, Monica and the Studio mm&b team by emailing [email protected] or contact them here.


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