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Rustic & Whimsical Wedding at the Ace Hotel | Palm Springs, Ca

Alex and Alfred met through a mutual friend in 2009. The funny thing is when Alfred first saw the name, “Alex”, on a guestlist to a party, he had initially thought it was a guy. They both love running and train together for the LA marathon. Alex and Alfred are physically active and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. They love everything from cooking, watching Cantonese movies, to traveling the world and, of course, everything Thai (Thai food and Thai massages)! They’re both young at heart and carefree but also knows when to do as adults do. Alex is the practical one and Alfred always has great hair. Don’t believe me? Check it out in the photos below.

Alex and Alfred tied the knot at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Two of my favorite wedding details were the polaroid photos they had as the guests’ name cards and the sriracha salt as party favors! The details were so perfect for the down-to-earth, foodie couple. Their day was full of laughter, silliness, tears of joy, and ended with the ultimate wedding party jump into the pool! The day couldn’t have been more perfect!

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Ace Hotel Wedding-11
Ace Hotel Wedding-12
Ace Hotel Wedding-13
Ace Hotel Wedding-14
Ace Hotel Wedding-15
Ace Hotel Wedding-16
Ace Hotel Wedding-17
Ace Hotel Wedding-18Ace Hotel Wedding-19
Ace Hotel Wedding-20
Ace Hotel Wedding-21Ace Hotel Wedding-22Ace Hotel Wedding-23Ace Hotel Wedding-24Ace Hotel Wedding-25
Ace Hotel Wedding-26Ace Hotel Wedding-27
Ace Hotel Wedding-28 Ace Hotel Wedding-29Ace Hotel Wedding-30
Ace Hotel Wedding-31
Ace Hotel Wedding-32Ace Hotel Wedding-33
Ace Hotel Wedding-34
Ace Hotel Wedding-35Ace Hotel Wedding-36
Ace Hotel Wedding-37
Ace Hotel Wedding-38
Ace Hotel Wedding-39
Ace Hotel Wedding-40
Ace Hotel Wedding-41
Ace Hotel Wedding-42
Ace Hotel Wedding-43Ace Hotel Wedding-44
Ace Hotel Wedding-45
Ace Hotel Wedding-46
Ace Hotel Wedding-47Ace Hotel Wedding-48Ace Hotel Wedding-49
Ace Hotel Wedding-50
Ace Hotel Wedding-51
Ace Hotel Wedding-52
Ace Hotel Wedding-53
Ace Hotel Wedding-54Ace Hotel Wedding-55
Ace Hotel Wedding-56
Ace Hotel Wedding-57
Ace Hotel Wedding-58
Ace Hotel Wedding-59
Ace Hotel Wedding-60
Ace Hotel Wedding-61Ace Hotel Wedding-62Ace Hotel Wedding-63Ace Hotel Wedding-64Ace Hotel Wedding-65
Ace Hotel Wedding-66
Ace Hotel Wedding-67Ace Hotel Wedding-68
Ace Hotel Wedding-69
Ace Hotel Wedding-70
Ace Hotel Wedding-71Ace Hotel Wedding-72
Ace Hotel Wedding-73
Ace Hotel Wedding-74Ace Hotel Wedding-75Ace Hotel Wedding-76
Ace Hotel Wedding-77
Ace Hotel Wedding-78Ace Hotel Wedding-79Ace Hotel Wedding-80
Ace Hotel Wedding-81

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